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This is Chyna's personal website!

I primarily share my fanart of various game characters and ships I love on social media. Still figuring out my life but I do illustration, translation, and office work. You can find my fandom/oc commission work on vgen or kofi in the links section, including my two online storefronts for prints and stickers.

I enjoy art and animation, analyzing fictional characters, translation, social media/internet culture, rpg/indie/horror games, personality typing (cognitive types), singing, cats, orange-themed things, and recently learning about witchcraft!

Here you can take a look at:

- my library which includes my character image archives, fantranslations, character analysis posts, thoughts on art, art I've commissioned from others

- the faves section which includes my favourite characters and ships

- and listen to my favourite songs in the music shrine.



Nov 22 - 25+ - They/them - Queer - Probably neurodivergent - Canadian - Wasian


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