I'm Chyna!

🎂 November 22 ♡ 20+

🏳️‍🌈 They/them ♡ Queer ♡ Probably neurodivergent

🍁 Canadian ♡ Wasian

I enjoy drawing fanart, analyzing fictional characters, translation/localization, social media/internet culture, rpg/indie/horror games, singing, cats, and orange-themed things!

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Fire Emblem🔥Chrom, Ephraim, Eliwood, Eirika

Enstars💫Ibara, Hajime, Nagisa, Eichi, Keito

FFXIV☄️Thancred, Ryne, Urianger


Fire Emblem🔥Ephraim/Chrom (Ephrom)

Enstars💫Ibahaji, Eikei

FFXIV☄️Urithan, Wolhien