faves & ships

Name Chrom

Age 19-21

Comments"Peace will only come by stoking people's hearts...not their fear."

The character of all time. No words can describe how much Chrom is intrinsically a part of me

Name Ephraim

Comments"Lyon's my friend. Forever and always."

I love FE8 Ephraim route to bits... I can't say how many times I've read the script for it. Too many times to be normal

Name Eliwood

Age 17-18

Comments"No two people live out identical experiences or think in the exact same ways. It's in recognizing those differences that we can see their true value."

FE7 was my first proper fe experience and Eliwood is such a great main character

Name Eirika

Comments"I refused to hate. Instead, I lived for the day our nations would know peace again. But… If this is Grado’s true face… If you could extinguish Renais without pity, without remorse… If this is the case, then there is no room in my heart for forgiveness."

Such a badass and so beautiful

Name Ephrom(Ephraim/Chrom)

Media Fire Emblem

CommentsWhen I ship two characters simply because they're my favourites

Name Ibara Saegusa

Age 17-18

Comments"It's better to be laughed at than to be unrecognized."

My latest character obsession... my emotional support meow meow

Name Hajime Shino

Age 16-17

Comments"If we keep on being ‘good kids’, then maybe in the future when we find what we want to do, what kind of person we want to become, we’ll have to keep suppressing that desire."

Hajime is so important and an inspiration to me... saved my life fr

Name Nagisa Ran

Age 18-19

Comments"... I will rule over the world, and fill that world with love and happiness you wish for."

The first character I produced in Enstars. He is so beautiful

Name Ibahaji/Ibajime

Media Enstars

Comments"What a strange person - Even though he might just be one of many in this world. But there hasn't been anyone like him around me ever."

Would it make sense if I said I 'kin' Bogie Time as a story because I feel like Ibara and Hajime combined is basically me

Name Keiei

Media Enstars

Comments"It's as if we are seperate halves who share the same soul. You are no stranger. You are my very best friend."

They are sooooooo

Name Thancred Waters

Age 32

Comments"Gods know I'm proud of you. I always will be. You deserve all the happiness in the world and more."

I would die for him first before he dies for me

Name Ryne Waters

Age 17

Comments"I don't know about the world...but I never asked to be saved. However much it hurts, and however hard it gets, it's my life, and I want to live it on my own terms!"

The ffxiv character ever tbh. Her character arc speaks so deeply to me and to my inner younger self who had such similar feelings of depression

Name Urianger Augurelt

Age 29

Comments"Thus must we struggle. Haunted by ghosts of those we have lost. Clinging to those we pray we can yet save. But what of those we cannot? How do we make peace with the dreadful algebra of necessity?"

He is so gender and pretty and I love to see his growth

Name Urithan/Thanuri


Comments"I see you've already stolen away my traveling partner with the promise of unexplored ruins and scholarly glory."

They are so obsessed with each other and it MAKES ME SICK!!!!

Name Wolhien (Chrom/Hien)


Comments"And you, my friend... you... you were magnificient. Magnificient... and, uh... not a little terrifying."

The wolship I'm most invested in

Name Ratchet

Media Ratchet & Clank

CommentsProbably the one character and game I've had an interest in for the longest (over 11 years?). Ratchet is everything to me

Name Judai Yuki

Media Yugioh GX

Comments"I'm just gonna keep on running!"

He was my emotional support during the pandemic

Name Edo Phoenix

Media Yugioh GX/Arc V

Comments"I'm the best. I can't be beat, and to prove it I'm challenging this school boy. I won't tell you his name, but it rhymes with Schmaden Schmuki."

Adds another arrogant sad rich boy to my collection

Name Heroshipping (Judai/Edo)

Media Yugioh GX

Comments"Heh, this doesn't mean I've approved of you. I was just worried about what your optimistic self would do here, is all."

Half because they're my faves and half because they're interesting together