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I love compiling information, sometimes write character analysis posts and have recently gotten into translation as a hobby. Check out what I've done:


Commissions from other artists

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Hajime Reading List (Google Docs)

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character analysis

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An Analysis on Whose Bed is Whose in the Tsumugi and Ibara Section of their Dorm

Additional Thoughts about Ibara and Aesthetics

Why Ibara Would Pretend to Pick Up if a Toddler Handed Him a Fake Phone

art blog (discontinued)

Why I Stopped Using Ko-fi for Commissions (Comparison)

Shop Relaunch! Why I Stopped Using Redbubble

What to Think About Before You Judge an Artwork

Why You Should Daydream

Brushes I've Been Using Recently


Nov 22 - 25+ - They/them - Queer - Probably neurodivergent - Canadian - Wasian


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